Update May 15, 2022

We have made the decision to keep masking in place in all of our classes and in the waiting room at least through mid-summer break (June 21 - July 4), at which time we will review the COVID situation again. 

Continuing to dance through a pandemic....

At Rince na Gréine, we are deeply are concerned with the safety and wellbeing of our dancers and their families. It has certainly been a tough couple of years dancing through COVID, but we have kept on going, and our dancers have been amazing.  We were completely online (Zoom classes) for the first  year, and almost all of our dancers stuck with us!  

In June 2021 we moved to our new, bigger studio where we have classes in person, but continue to keep COVID protocols in place:

  • All of our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted

  • Dancers, instructors and parents wear masks while in the studio*

  • Parents wear masks in the waiting room

  • We take temperatures of all teachers and dancers before starting class

  • Everyone uses hand sanitizer before class, and during class as necessary

  • We have commercial-grade air purifiers with HEPA filters running in both studios during classes

  • We ask that dancers not come to class if they have any symptoms of COVID, or may have been exposed to the virus.

  • We follow the CDC and Minnesota Department of Heath guidelines for indoor gatherings (and occasionally impose stricter standards as we deem necessary)

    *For parents who feel very strongly about their children not wearing masks, we do offer a few classes for younger dancers where masking is optional.  Except for dancers wearing masks, the rest of our protocols are adhered to during these classes.