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2024-2025 Classes

Classes run from September 9, 2024 - May 17, 2025

Registration Fee

$35 per family


Tuition is broken into nine equal payments, paid on the first of each month of the session, regardless of how many class days are in each month. 


LA = Lauren Adams-Plehal

MS = Margaret Schmitz
JR = Julia Ross
CO = Chrystal O'Hanlon
LR = Lillian Ross

BT = Bernadette Thelen

CM = Catherine Murray

AZ = Allisun Zagar

Family Discount

Dancer taking the most hours pays full tuition; additional family members each get a 20% discount.  Note:  Family discounts do not apply to private lessons, performance classes, or competition classes.

Note: You will find prerequisites and a complete description for each class in the registration module.  Click the "Register Here" button above.

2024-2025 Schedule
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