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Want a fun and original team building event that will get your team laughing, having fun and working together?  We give you: Irish Céilí Dancing!

Team members learn a bit about the history of Irish Dance and easy first steps, then they work together to learn a céilí (group) dance.  We'll record your dance for posterity and send it to you after the session!  


  • $500 for up to ten people for an hour

  • $  50 for each additional person

  • $125 extra for an hour and a half

  • $250 extra for two hours (if you want to get really good at it!)

Interested?  Email us for more info! 

General Mills Siege of Carrick
R na G 10 Final big knot thicker straightend no background_edited-1.png
General Mills Team Building.jpg

General Mills team, April 2023

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