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About Rince na Greine

Rince na Gréine (RINK-ah nah GRAIN-ya) means "Dance of the Sun" in Irish.  We teach traditional and contemporary Irish Dance to ages 2 through adult. 

At Rince na Gréine, we want our dancers to experience the joy of Irish Dance in any way they want to, whether that is just for recreation, or through performance or competition.  

We are a full member of Cumann Rince Náisiúnta - CRN (the National Dance Association of Ireland), which is an open platform organization.   We encourage all our dancers to follow CRN's motto to "Dance with your heart!"

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Rince na Gréine was founded by mother-and-daughter team Kim and Lauren Adams-Plehal.  We had both worked at other dance studios, but dreamed of having our own Irish Dance school after Lauren graduated from college. 


In February 2018, while Lauren was a 19-year-old in her first year of college, the studio we were both working for closed abruptly, and our plans were suddenly fast-forwarded.  We started Rince na Gréine in March 2018 with nine dancers. 


Over the next five years, Lauren went on to get her undergraduate and master’s degrees and also became a fully certified Irish Dance instructor, all while running and growing the studio.  Now, in 2024, we are the proud owners of a well-established Irish Dance school, with 8  instructors and over 130 students! 

Kim and Lauren

It is very important to us that Rince na Gréine be a warm, welcoming, and inclusive place.  Our dancers are encouraged to treat all people with kindness and respect – be it their teammates, other dancers, instructors, R na G families, or our audiences. 


Our dancers are also taught the importance of respecting themselves as human beings, respecting their bodies as athletes and artists, and treating themselves with kindness!

R na G dancers have lots of opportunities to be together with classes other than their own, and great friends are made here.  That is one of the  things we really love about our studio - Rince na Gréine feels like one big accepting family, and our dancers work and play and dance together with all kinds of friends of all different ages! 

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