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2023-2034 Classes

Classes run from September 11, 2023 - May 18, 2024

Registration Fee

$30 per year per family


Tuition is broken into nine equal payments, paid on the first of each month of the session, regardless of how many class days are in each month.


LA = Lauren Adams-Plehal

MS = Margaret Schmitz
JR = Julia Ross
CO = Chrystal O'Hanlon
LR = Lillian Ross

CM = Catherine Murray

Famiy Discount

Dancer taking the most hours pays full tuition; additional family members each get a 20% discount.  Note:  Family discounts do not apply to private lessons.

Note: You will find prerequisites and a complete description for each class in the registration module.  Click the "Register Here" button above.

Schedule for September 11th - October 9th

2023-2024 Schedule (pre-Regionals)

Schedule beginning October 10th (after Regionals)

2023-2024 Schedule
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